Once again, we will be taking online orders for the same beautiful trees we sold last year.


We will be taking orders up until midday on Friday 29th November. We do have a minumum order of trees so we would be very grateful for parents to place their tree orders with us!


Your order can be collected from the school at the following times.

  • Friday 6th December – 3.00 – 3.30pm
  • Saturday 7th December – 12.00 – 12.30pm
  • Sunday 8th December – 3.45 – 4.15pm

Please note, the trees will arrive at the school wrapped in netting so your tree will be wrapped and ready to go.


For a small fee of £6 we can delivery your tree locally (1.5 mile radius of the school). Deliveries will be made on Saturday 7th December between 10.00am and 12noon. Please make a note in your diary if you book delivery, as we cannot offer an alternative.

Price List:

Black Tag – 3/4 ft = £25
Pink Tag – 4/5 ft = £28​​
Yellow Tag – 5/6 ft = £35
Blue Tag – 6/7 ft – £45
White Tag – 7/8 ft – £55
Green Tag – 8-10ft – £70
Small Christmas tree stand – £15
Large Christmas tree stand – £18
Delivery charge – £6 (delivered Saturday 7th Dec 10-11am)

(larger trees available, please contact us to discuss your requirements).

How to Buy

Click ‘Order Now’ and select the tree you would like as well as a tree stand if required + delivery. Full payment is required at the time of ordering. You will receive an email confirmation at the time of booking and we will contact you closer to the time to remind you of your collection/delivery time.


About Nordmann Fir Trees

The Nordmann Fir has gained popularity in recent years due to it’s good needle retention qualities and ability to look good throughout the festivities. Often described as being non-drop, this is not strictly true, but it will retain it’s needles better than Norway Spruce. It has soft, deep green foliage, smooth grey bark and a good triangular shape. It tends to be slightly more open and less dense than Norway. The needles when crushed give a very aromatic citrus smell. More expensive than other species due to it’s slow growth and work needed to maintain a good shape. There are many different quality grades of this species so buyers need to be aware of this when comparing prices.

Photos from previous years

Here are a couple of photos sent in from two of our parents last year:

Christmas Tree Stands

Tree stands are NOT included with your tree.  We do sell stands, for those that wish to buy them.  They are priced at £15 for a small stand and £18 for a medium stand.

We look forward to receiving you order!

Any queries, please contact us.

The Friends of John Ball School