The Hamptons Easter Trail

Join us on the hunt for the hidden eggs this Easter holiday and follow our trail through the local area!

There are 20 Hamptons signs dotted around our neighbourhoods in SE3 and SE13, each with their own unique egg and number. 

Keep your eyes peeled and when you spot a sign with an egg, match it to the one on your form, and enter the number in the adjacent box.

Keep going until you find them all and fill in the form. You can download the form and map using the links below:





Once you have completed your form, scan or photograph them and email them to to be entered into our prize draw competition.

The competition will start on Friday 29th March and will close on Sunday 14th April.

When the competition closes, we will put all completed and correct forms into a draw, and we will randomly select the winners of the prizes:

1st place prize is £30, 2nd place prize is £20 and 3rd place prize is £10

Winners will be emailed after the 21st April.

The signs are spread across a large area, so you may want to do the trail across a few days. Even if you do not manage to find all the eggs, there is still a lot of fun to be had exploring the local area. Chocolate is not included in the trail, so make sure you bring your own!

We are so grateful to all volunteers who allowed a sign up at their property.

Hamptons - The Home Experts has kindly donating funds to Friends of John Ball, so this competition is free to enter.