Getting Involved

Friends of John Ball – planning for 2021-22

As we plan for future events and fundraising, we have identified a few roles to help Friends progress and develop into the charity to support the school’s needs during this very challenging time.
Since last summer, we no longer have anyone in the Chair role and, ideally, we would like to have somebody as Chair/Co-Chairs/Vice Chair. However, we know it is a big ask for an individual, so we have split up the responsibilities to more specific functions of running the charity. Setting up clear roles will help all volunteers share the work and tasks among more people, which is key to making sure individuals are not overloaded. If you are thinking of volunteering for any of the roles, but are concerned with how much time is required, we would positively support sharing roles between friends, who are also parents/carers of John Ball pupils.

Key areas of improvement to focus on:
• Recruitment – creating and maintaining manageable roles.
• Access to Friends – fully utilise the huge range of skills within the large parent/carer group.
• Regular communication.
• Visibility of Friends – more engagement with social media and emails.
• Proactive fundraising for school requests – tracking against a target.

None of the roles require availability during school hours, and most can be done remotely – except for the specific event coordinator roles, where presence onsite before, during and after the event will be required. Events bring in a significant amount of funds for the school (up to £20,000 annually), so we would hugely value any volunteers who are willing to organise any of the usual events, or indeed new ones. Additional to fundraising, events are a sociable and enjoyable way to build a sense of John Ball community and pride, and they provide long lasting memories for the pupils of John Ball.

Currently, we do not have anything booked in the diary for 2021-22, but it would be helpful to have some planners ready for when we can hold large events again. A great deal of work goes into running a successful event, so we are looking for a lot more people to distribute the work across the year.
Below is the full list of vacant roles, so if you are interested in volunteering or finding out more, please email